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Sonic Circuits presents.... Sunday, November 23rd

Video Love (Paris)
french electro pop+live video sampling

Dead Violets (DC)
vocal sound art+video

Sunday Nov 23, 2008
doors: 6:30pm
music: 7:00pm SHARP

8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910
located three blocks south of the silver spring metro station (red line)

Celebrate the release of the lofi+scifi feature film 1,2,3 Whiteout (The End of the Light Age) DVD+CD on zeromoon. James June Schneider's
(aka Matterlink) recent film is a 'tone poem for darkness' and mixes amazing original vignettes with diverse archive found footage, an
exceptional sci-fi sensibility and incredible soundscapes to form a blissfully imaginative and retro-futuristic creation. Set in 'an
old-fashioned kind of future', Veronique and an inventor (the legendary Lou Castel) are trying to bring back a 'positive' darkness
to offset the glaring, bright, technological man-made light and 'make the night night again'. The film and audio were constructed to operate
as independent forces which work in counterpoint. The soundtrack is composed of found, sampled, and synthesized sound as well music/songs composed for the film. The latter were created by Elmapi and AE and the soundscapes were recorded and composed by Richard Harrison and Michael Schumacher amongst others. The dvd includes 2 short experimental films created using x-rays that feature music performed by Violet.

Video Love
Hailing from Paris, Elmapi has joined up with DC filmmaker and video artist Matterlink to create a raw and hypnotizing mix- "alternating
between Elmapi's wildly original driving 'pop-concrete' compositions and the sampled sounds & voices of Matterlink's live-cinema." The
sound lays somewhere between Stereolab, Judy Nylon, and Laurie Anderson. Her last album "Arcane Electronique" was mixed by Andy Moor of legendary The Ex.

Dead Violets
They say opposites attract. In the case of Dead Violets the opposite is even truer. After years of virtual fraternization Thomas Ekelund
and Jeff Surak (USA) realized that it was only logical to join forces and meld their common interests in drones, surface noise,
and 60s girl group pop, therefore Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words plus Violet gave birth to Dead Violets.

After producing several online and cassette tape appearances with their trademark intense low frequency dirges and bleak harmonic
flourishes, Dead Violets is reemerging once again with the recent addition of poetess/priestess Bethany Moore on vocals and
incantations. As a trio the group goes even further into uncharted audio realms within their collective souls producing a hybrid of drone
pop exorcisms and sound art rituals. Tonight's performance will include live video accompaniment.

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